3G Phones to Expand Mobile Banking

By Roshna Sankar
3G Phones to Expand Mobile Banking With the launch of 3G services in the country, mobile banking is set to get a boost. Mobiles are becoming the new transaction media for banks and their customers. As the 3G and 4G services are on the go in the country, mobile banking will outgrow Internet banking. The use of these services will certainly hold bright prospects for the customers to have effortless banking and transactions at their fingertips.
As mobile banking grows, new technology offerings come out to ensure security to customers online. As part of offering secure services to its customers, Corporation Bank has adopted 3i Infotechs eMudhra Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution, an authentication security solution, provided by a licensed certifying authority under the Information Technology Act, to ensure more security and identity protection of customers.
With increasing instances of cyber crimes across the world, banks and customers are wary of conducting business online. The PKI based authentication of transaction, using ones digital signature certificate, not only provides additional security but also gives legal sanctity.