India's nightlife chapter - How far has India come in comparison to the World

Kabir Talwar, Director, Playboy Club Based out of New Delhi, Playboy Club is a part of the chain of nightclubs, resorts, and magazines owned and operated by Playboy Enterprises which came into being in 1960 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

The culture of metropolitans like Mumbai and Delhi-NCR may not enjoy the same nightlife culture like the one abroad but the cities are evolving with time, with the upcoming trend of after-hours life and mid-week parties amongst the generation of the town, the culture is constantly evolving with the upcoming of the following trends in the industry.

Changing Trends in the F&B Industry:
With the refined culture of the youngsters of our society and the upcoming trends, the food and beverage industry seems to have a bright future. From the infusion of themed bars and lounges and now the trending mixology cocktails and craft beer making the way in our cities, this industry is surely experiencing a boost.

New concept bar is hitting the town like silent discos and jazz clubs. The party culture has taken an incredible turn, while the folks of the town not only wait for the weekends to turn on the music
but the clubs and bars are crowded even on the weekdays with different attractions, like a Bollywood night or a karaoke night. India now has major different and exciting options to choose from.

After Party Trend in the Town:
Most clubs in Delhi shut down early due to legal constraints, giving rise to the ‘after party’ culture. This leads people to clubs in hotels that are open till late. Since the youth is so energized, the after party culture was quick to appear. Those who love to let go over the weekends after a hard weeks work usually are the ones indulging in the never-ending after party culture.

Theme Parties and Clubs:
The party culture has taken an incredible turn, while the folks of the town not only wait for the weekends to turn on the music but the clubs and bars are all crowded even on the weekdays with different attractions, be it a Bollywood night, a karaoke night or a Sufi night, all of which are a widely appreciated.

A lot of cafes are coming up with live music nights; these places invite artists for an unplugged night, which has become quite popular amongst the younger crowd. These live singers come and engage the audience with their music. These live acoustic nights are a great experience. This shows how the Delhi crowd is so open to change and new experiences as they enjoy clubbing in the Western way yet go back to the roots and enjoy Indian music.

The Concept of Live Gigs and Concerts:
The concept of celebrity artists is also trending as more and more artists are visiting Mumbai and Delhi on their world tours. The crowd is so enthusiastic that every performer feels the energy and that in turn makes them enjoy performing even more. Celebrity artists also create a whole different vibe in clubs and get people on their feet to dance the night away. The crowd enjoys the celebrity artists even more as they are a one-time experience.

Upcoming of International Concept Clubs:
Different European and American clubs and restaurants have also started opening their franchises here as they see how open Indians are to the new and upcoming places and make it popular. A lot of people are venturing out in this industry as it is growing at a lightning fast speed. Different types of food festivals pop up restaurants even food on wheels is becoming a huge part of this industry. The crowd in Delhi is always excited for new things and has the biggest hand in making it popular and recognized.